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Window Channel Fuzzy Strip Installation

Window channel strip installation can take hours of frustration or just minutes if you know this trick. First, scrape and clean the old black fuzzy strip using a glue solvent if you have one. Find a piece of wood slightly thinner than the channel slot, masking tape and black or clear silicone glue. Don't use glue that sticks firmly on contact. Use a flexible pine wood strip if the channel is curved. A one quarter-inch thick (yard stick) works great on an E-type Jag, for example. Next, cut a measured length of fuzzy strip off the roll and fold it over the edge of the stick. Check to see if the stick with the strip folded over it will fit nicely into the channel. If it does, then lay the stick flat on a table and lay half the width of the strip along the top of it. Using the masking tape, attach this side to the stick by catching only 1/16" of the strip along its edge. Turn the stick over and fold the strip over the stick's long edge, attaching the other side along the edge of the strip. Apply the silicone glue to all three exposed sides of the folded strip and carefully position the glued strip and stick combination to the window channel. Push it in and while holding it in place, slowly peel back the masking tape out of the channel. If you have only caught the edge of the fuzzy strip, this should be easy to do. Slide the stick up and out, leaving the strip to dry overnight. Presto! A perfect installation with no mess and fuss.

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