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Door Top Seal Replacement

A tool made from a hacksaw blade greatly simplifies installation of the clips which retain the door top seals. Break off the rounded end of the blade, heat the broken end to incandescence and allow to cool slowly in order to anneal (soften) the metal. Bend the annealed end so that a clip can be loosely cradled in the bend. Reheat the end and quench in water to retemper the metal. Wrap the unbent end with duct tape to form a handle. Coat the inside of the bend with a thick layer of weatherstrip cement so that the clips will stick in place.

Remove the door top covers to free the window a bit and push the clips off to release the old seal. Trim the new seal to length and press into place. Open the new clips a bit with a screwdriver so that the opening can be started over both seal and retainer strip. Fit the clip into the tool. While holding the seal down with one hand pull the clip into place. Starting the clip is a bit of a trick, and the task is not easy, but once you get the hang of it you should be able to install the seals in less than an hour.

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