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The Kiss of Death to Frozen Parts

Not too long ago I had to remove the rotten wooden railings from my doors, and the car seat sliders from the wooden floorboards in my MGA. Not too surprisingly, nearly every one of the bolts snapped in half with the first crank. Then a mechanic friend of mine recommended a General Motors spray called "General Purpose Penetrant and Heat Valve Lubricant" (GM part #1052627) which retails for about $5. He made some claims about the ability of this stuff to loosen up the tightest nuts and bolts. He gave me a few shakes of what was left in his spray can, and low and behold - this stuff is a miracle! I sprayed a few frozen parts and left them overnight; and the next morning they came off just as nice as if they were greased on. I read the can (something I always save for last), and noticed it said "after just a few minutes" they could be taken off quite easily. I doubted it, but tried some other equally frozen nuts and bolts after just three minutes, and it worked equally as well.

This is a must for every household, let alone if you're a car restorer. It's the kiss of death for all frozen parts!

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