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Wiper Post Gear Problem

You're just putting on the last two parts of your five year restoration-the two wiper arms and blades. It's obvious how the blades go on because they're shown on your "before" pictures. You even made sure the wipers are in the park position, so you snap them on.

Problem, when you flick the switch, one blade moves down towards the hood area scratching your brand new paint job! Don't start throwing wrenches at this stage!

The problem is how the cables were attached to the wiper post gear under the dash. If a cable is on top of the gear, that post will move in the wrong direction relative to the other post.

>To solve the problem on British cars with a cable drive wiper system, first be sure the cables are correctly attached to the wiper post gear-that would normally be on the bottom of the gear.

Second and most important, before putting the wiper arms on the car, take a piece of wide masking or duct tape and wrap it round the post leaving a piece extended to form a 'flag'. You can now try the wipers before putting the actual arms on the car, seeing if they travel as they should and that the park position is correct.

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