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Wrenching Fill and Drain Plugs

Having trouble removing the differential oil plugs on your later MGB or Midget? Do your fill and drain plugs have holes for a square drive tool that you can't seem to find when you need it?

Never fear, you can make the tool you need in a few minutes! You've probably noticed that it would appear that your socket wrench could work, but your 1/2" drive socket is too large and your 3/8" drive, too small. Therefore visit your local hardware store and buy the cheapest 3/8" socket to 1/2" drive converter you can find. For once in your life the soft metal on the cheap part will work in your favor, so enjoy the moment!

The hole in the plug is tapered from about 1/2" at the outside to about 3/8" in the inside. Using a few quick touches on the grindstone, taper the four sides of the adapter so that it will sink into the hole. It doesn't take much, trial fit as you go.

When the tool will fit into the hole, put it onto your 3/8" drive socket and you have more than enough comfortable leverage to wrench out those fill and drain plugs.

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