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Alternator Terminal Conversion

Many British cars are wired for 5-terminal alternators. As the 5-terminal alternators are now obsolete, 3-terminal alternators may be supplied. These wiring instructions, provided by Lucas, outline the conversion procedure. To wire a 3-terminal Lucas alternator in place of the now obsolete 5-terminal alternator, use plug kit #540-280 and proceed as follows:
  • Disconnect battery
  • Cut off wiring terminal plugs from alternator wiring
  • Remove and discard link wire (see illustration below)
  • Remove wiring harness tape approximately 1 inch
  • Slide small insulator over remaining IND wire (brown/yellow), and solder to the small terminal
  • Slide larger insulator over positive lead wire (brown/white), and solder to the larger terminal
  • Separately tape back onto harness, the brown and black wires not used as they are no longer required
  • Connect the small brown/yellow IND wire to the small terminal on the alternator
  • Connect the large brown/white positive lead to either of the two large terminals on the alternator
  • Re-connect the battery
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