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Damp Starting Problems

If your car is still slow starting, or won't start in wet/damp weather, and you have checked and convinced yourself that your battery is strong, the grounds and hot connections are all good, timing, plugs, and points are all up to specs, it is now time to go to the next step. You should seriously consider replacing your old, probably weak and/or worn out stock 25k coil with a new, high voltage 35k or 40k volt coil. They are available at reasonable prices. If you are a purist, rest assured that the Lucas Sports Coil is still available, although not originally fitted at the factories. Most likely if all the other electrical stuff is working well, you will solve your wet/damp starting problems with a high voltage coil.

Try it, and if you are like me, you will wonder why you or Lucas didn't do it 20 years ago.

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