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Cut-Off Switch Tip

When restoration of my 1970 MGB was complete, I received many comments and admiring glances from my friends. The trouble is, I also got them from strangers-including some whose home decor probably included steel paneling!

Buying a false alarm system didn't seem to be the answer, and the baddies didn't seem to mind sawing through the steering wheel if they found a Club installed. My choice was to purchase a battery cut-off switch.

The problem was that my beautiful 'B wasn't pure, but had a few modern touches added. My clock/cassette stereo would get amnesia every time I used the switch, losing station presets and time of day.

The solution proved to be wiring a fuse holder from the negative terminal to the body and inserting a 1/4 amp fuse. This allows the light to come on when the door is opened, keeps the stereo's memory intact, yet will blow under a heavier load, such as the starter. Now I feel that my MGB will sleep in its own garage every night.

Another Battery Cut-Off Switch Tip

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