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More on the Battery Cut-Off Switch

I have been following the correspondence on battery cut-off switches in issues of Moss Motoring and feel compelled to add my tip. After completely restoring my 1972 MGB, I too felt concerned that strangers were interested in my car for purposes other than to look and admire. I listened to several solutions put forward by my fellow club members but finally took the following action.

Since the batteries are located towards the rear of the car. I installed a remote battery cut-off switch just behind the batteries IN THE TRUNK! Once activated, the car will not start without turning on the switch and the nice part about installing the switch in the trunk is that you lock up the switch when you leave the car. Most joy riders only want to enter the car and take off. On a roadster this poses no problem but with the cut-off switch locked in the trunk, the unsuspecting thief cannot easily steal the car and will move on to an easier mark.

Another Battery Cut-Off Switch Tip

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