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Tail Lights: Vibrations Causing Maufunctions

I used to have problems with my Lucas taillight bulbs rotating because of vibration. This, of course, caused the two contacts to miss, and the taillight to malfunction. I might add that I own Morgans which, of course, add to the problem due to the harsh suspension!

At first I tried to bend the 'spring portion' of the contacts and while bending works well for a while, a couple of good bumps later, you have to unscrew the lens and re-align the bulb.

My present method lasts until the bulb burns out. I "glue" the bulb in place! This is not as drastic as it sounds. First, I clean off the contacts on the bulb and the fixture, insert the bulb and put a very small dab of silicone rubber/RTV on the side of the bulb where it is inserted in the tubular section of the assembly. This eliminates all rotation and is unaffected by the heat from the bulb. When it comes time to renew the bulb, just twist a little harder than normal and the very small amount of silicone rubber gives way.

The above technique can prevent unnecessary stops by the police for suspected burnt out taillights and also keep you operational for concours.

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