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Easy Oil Refill

Recently while undertaking work on the front suspension of my 1973 MG Midget I discovered a quick and clean way to refill the oil in the lever arm shocks.

After removal of the shock, I discovered that so much oil had leaked out over the years that the arm of the unit was left free swinging! While filling one of the shocks with a funnel I quickly found out that this was going to be a very messy operation! After thoroughly lubing the garage floor I came up with an idea that might help fellow owners with the same problem.

I went to the local store and bought a medicine syringe for about a dollar, then I gave the shocks a 50cc shot of oil and they quickly recovered. This low-tech tool has a million uses and since the end of the syringe is smaller than the fill hole it fits right in, thus preventing pouring gallons of oil on the floor, on yourself, and more importantly, on your pride and joy!

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