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Brake Linkage Wear

A frequently overlooked, but important, part of a brake/clutch hydraulic rebuild is the set of parts that make up the pedal assemblies and linkages. On cars with medium to high mileage, these parts can be surprisingly worn at the pivot points, creating quite a bit of lost motion. For instance, on the MGA, the following parts are often quite worn; push rod forks, push rods, the clevis pins connecting the pedals to the push rods, the bolt that forms the pivot for the pedals, and the associated bushings and distance pieces. Without good, close fits in these areas, your pedals will feel sloppy and will not provide full stroke at the master cylinder piston. Once the master cylinder links are in order, be sure to check the slave cylinder push rod and pivot pin for wear. Along with your new seals, cylinders, and linings, this makes your brake rebuild truly complete.

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