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Reinstalling MGB Seats After Carpeting

After removing the seats and tracks from my 1979 MGB, in order to thoroughly clean and re-carpet, much to my surprise, re-installing the seats and tracks was a real hassle. Here's one solution; after unbolting and removing the seats, tracks and shims, take the two rear track bolts and bolt them back in place in the two rear holes, but from underneath the vehicle. The bolts protrude up through the pad, carpet, shims and track, making it much easier to properly place the seat tracks. Unfortunately for the front two holes, due to the lift bracket under the vehicle, you cannot bolt from underneath. Purchase two 4" - 5" bolts from a hardware store, cut the heads off and hand bolt them into place from inside the vehicle. Once tracks and seats are in place, remove a bolt at a time, re-install proper bolts and fasten down.

Here's another tip from Stephen Struck in October '05. Cut round holes (about 1 1/4" dia.) in the carpeting at the mounting locations. This allows the carpet to lay in place and the boltholes to remain both visible and accessable. If you put Dynamat or some other sound deadener on the floors first, do the same with that material.

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