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Installing MGB Door Window Seals #2

on 8/31/2013, Dave Simons in Santa Fe, New Mexico wrote:
"I read the article about replacing the window seal/wiper, and how it was necessary to remove the piece holding the clips, and drilling out the rivets etc. I found a great way to do it if you don't feel like pulling the door apart, since I had just replaced the door panels and was ready to put my re-furbished door cap on. With the door cap off, use a small needle nose vise grip to remove the seal. The metal part can be deformed, and if pulled up (so the clips don't move too much or come un-done) you can get it off.
paint lid remover
Then get a paint can opener (with the bottle cap remover end), and see that it has a nice end that can be used to grab the clips and pull them up, or re-align the clips to the correct position. Then align the new window seal, and without pushing down too much get it aligned with the clips. Make sure any rubber flashing around the clip area is scraped off, razor knife helps. Then just work your way down the strip, pulling up on each clip as the seal is pushed down. After the first one I got the procedure down to 15 minutes for the other door seal.

I found the paint can opener at a hardware store, sitting on the counter, since they are free I just took it. I had no idea it would be the tool of choice later in the day. -- Dave Simons

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