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Prop Rod Problems

Many owners of MGB roadsters from 1971 on have trunk lids that are bent or creased. This is caused by the telescopic trunk lid prop fitted to these cars,.which replaces the "rod type" props fitted to earlier models. The trunk lids on these cars are very heavy and require more support than the original BL design allows.

One can correct this problem by adding a second prop to the right side of the trunk lid. This addition allows the lid's weight to be evenly distributed and keeps the lid from bending.

First purchase a second trunk lid prop rod. Then, using scrap sheet metal, fashion two brackets to hold the new prop in place. These new brackets must be attached carefully to insure that they are the correct distance from the edges of the trunk opening. If this distance is not the same as on the original prop, only one of the props will latch, causing you to be again using only one prop. These brackets can be attached using bolts, pop-rivets, or (for the well-equipped enthusiast) welded on. After attaching the new prop, be sure to grease its track and oil the latches, not only to ease operation but also to prevent rust.

Although the addition of a second prop does make it a little more difficult to close the trunk it does go a long way to extend the life of your MGB's trunk lid.

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