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Missing MGB Hard Top Seals

As a diehard MG owner living in New England, I commute with my 'B every day except when there is the threat of any salt or snow on the roads. I replace the soft top with an MG "factory" hard top from mid-November to early April. The seals on the used top I bought were in pretty tough shape, being both brittle and cracked. After a bit of investigation and a little experimenting, I found that the Moss front soft top seal (#453-610) was a perfect replacement for the front hard top seal. I then tried Moss door seal (#259-907) as a side seal for the door glass, trimming the ends as necessary - again a perfect fit. About three feet of the door seal is required for each side of the hardtop. I couldn't find a suitable substitute for the seals to the body so I used self adhesive 3/16" x 3/8" closed cell foam weather stripping applied to the original seals. The foam follows the body contours and fills in all of the gaps.

Having made these improvements, the B's heater keeps me toasty warm on the coldest days.

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