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Camshaft Upgrade

During a camshaft upgrade job on my 1972 MGB, I came across a real road block that threatened to stop the whole job.

I was slowly but successfully disassembling the engine which had been left in the car and felt I was on a roll after finally dropping the sump pan (aren't those numerous sump bolts a pain?) and pulling the oil pump.

I came around to the front of the car and decided the next thing was to remove the crankshaft pulley retaining bolt. No problem. I persuaded the folding washer back to be flush with the pulley and fitted the correct size socket onto my 1.5 breaker bar. Those of you who have been there will know what happens next. The engine turns over. Putting the car in gear and applying spirited high velocity impacts to the bar did nothing but rock the car. The bolt was ON there!

I have owned several MGBs over the years and the experience with them has taught me a great deal. One of the most useful lessons, and the hardest to follow, is just to walk away when you're beaten. It's far better to come back calm and prepared rather than get all worked up and eventually do some real damage.

After the calming effect of a couple of English beverages, I was graced with a plan. I ran down to the car and while looking into the engine bay momentarily kicked over the starter motor, (after disconnecting the coil and returning the transmission to neutral). Sure enough, the pulley turned clockwise-I had a chance!

I placed the breaker bar back on the nut and laid the handle against the inner fender wall on the driver's side. Then with trembling hand I again blipped the starter. With a loud "CRACK" the bolt broke free and spun right out of the pulley!

I just leaned back in one of those solitary, pensive moments when you know you have mastered your machine. I suddenly had enough energy to work late into the night, sure that nothing could stop me.

The sound of that high-lift cam and the feel of the extra BHP has transformed my MGB into a tiger and I can highly recommend the cam upgrade kit from Moss, especially for later MGBs which suffered from "de-tuned" cams right from the moment they left the Abingdon Factory.

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