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On September 04, 2013. Stephen Struck wrote:
"My B's trunk lid won't unlock". I had stripped the car to repair rust issues and repaint. Put it all back together with a different (unsprung) trunk lid. Being aware of potential issues with new gaskets, etc, I didn't lock the trunk for the first week, and the latch worked well. While out and about yesterday, I locked it and this morning, ....".

To which John Twist at University Motors Ltd replied:
"Put pressure on the body, just under the boot lid. I've been successful pulling up on the lid, pushbutton depressed, and slapping the bodywork with a large, soft hammer. Maybe not the route you want.

You can drill out the lock assy.

You can drill a 1/8 hole just below the lock assy and push a long pin (nail) through the hole. You won't notice the hole later on.

You can borrow our tool and finagle the lock open. I have a YouTube video on this.

MOST IMPORTANTLY !! Do not lock the boot again until you get a small person who does not suffer from claustrophobia inside with a flashlight and a screwdriver so he(she) can reopen the boot over and over until you get it right. Most commonly the loop sits too far to the rear and has to be bent forward".

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