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Engine Mount Replacement, Late Model MGB

On 2/19/2007, gmcn(at) wrote:
.... 74.5 MGBGT. When I took the engine out, I broke the right motor mount. Everyone said I had to remove the complete rack and pinion system to replace it. I could not see that and did it the back yard way.

First use a metal scribe and mark the location of the existing mount. Next, you can get a wrench and grab the bolt inside the mount then just take it loose then out with the inter plate.

Now how to get it back in? Put the inter plate over the new mount and lodge the plate in with a screw driver. That's easy! Now how to get the bolt on? A family secret. Place the bolt in a box wrench and put a piece of tape over the back side, slide the bolt into place, put the new mount into the bolt and screw it on to match the scribe and it's done. Sounds like a back yard job but sometimes the pro's do it the hard way, I prefer to do it the easy way. The results are the same and the only waste is a piece of tape and I save many hours of needless work.

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