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Larer Brake Pads for MGB Front Disk Brakes

At 03:42 PM 2/25/05 -0800, Paul Misencik. wrote:

I have a set of larger-than-stock brake pads in my 1971 MGB at the moment. I bought them out of a popular MGB performance catalog, and they dropped right into the stock calipers. But they weren't terribly cheap, and they look like regular old brake pads to me. They are larger, true, but they don't look like anything particularly exotic, if you know what I mean.

I need to replace them, and someone once told me that these were actually just TR8 brake pads.
1) Are they actually TR8 brake pads? Because if so, then I can get them much less expensively, and/or choose from a much wider array of compounds.

2) There are two different TR8 pads listed on the various Triumph sites. 1979 and earlier and 1980. Any idea which once would fit my MGB?

At 04:28 PM 2/25/05 -0800, Dodd, Kelvin Dodd (Moss Motors) wrote:

They could either be TR8 brake pads or MGB GT V8 pads.
The pads should be asymetrical with the pad butted up to the leading edge and slightly back from the trailing edge.

Moss has got two types:
The Mintex M1144 material sold as the MGB GT V8 set, which are expensive but very good. 182-235 for about $112

Or you can buy cheap and cheerful Delphi Lockheed TR8 pads under part number D158 for under $27.00
Or, .... TR8/Rover SD1 pads from your friendly neighborhood Racer supply. They would be the later TR8 version.

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