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MGB Differential Thrust Washers

Late model MGB from 1968 and later model year, and all MGB GT and MGC, use the Sailsbury (tube type) rear axle. These are notorious for wearing out fiber thrust washers in the differential in less than desirable time. The photo above shows fiber wasners that were in service for 50,000 miles. Photo courtesy of Russell Goebel in Australia.

Earlier production MGB (throuigh 1967) and MGA and MG ZA/ZB Magnette use the Austin B-series (banjo type) rear axle. This uses the same differential bevel gears and thrusrt washers, except the original side thrust washers were brass (bronze) rather than fiber. In recent years parts suppliers have been substituting the (cheaper) fiber washers for the earlier applications, which appears to be a significant dis-service to the customers. It should be the other ay around, where bronze washers are supplied for all applications (to prolong the life of the parts). The bronze washers have been hard to find in recent years.

Photo below shows one new fiber thrust washer and a pair of new bronze thrust washers.

Finally someone has taken the initiative to reproduce these parts in bronze. Paul Middleton <> in Texas, USA, has produced a limited quantity of these parts. They are currently (March 2013) listed on eBay, available for immediate delivery. For as long as the ad may last see here: If there is sufficient demand I am sure more will be produced as required.

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