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A Space Saver Spare Wheel for an MGB (MGA ??)

The conventional spare wheel takes up a lot of space in the trunk (boot) of an MGB. In an attempt to use the space more efficiently, here are some ideas for a space saver spare wheel. This should also work for an MGA, but I have not tried it out. Murphy's Law (Sod's Law) tells us that if you do not carry a spare wheel you will have a flat (puncture).

Regular Spare

Space Saver Spare

No Spare

Bolted Wheels

A standard space saver spare wheel from a 1996 Honda Accord or similar should have the same center hole diameter and stud centers as a standard MGB. Check that the wheel is for a 14 inch tyre and the inside diameter is at least 11.875" (302 mm) diameter and depth is about 4.5" (114 mm). Please try the wheel on both front and back positions to make sure that it fits without interference. The bolt holes must line up exactly, and the center hole should be a snug fit over the wheel hub.

Spoked Knock Off Wheels

Obtain a space saver wheel with an inside diameter of at least 11.875" (302 mm) and a depth of about 4.5" (114 mm). I used one from a mid nineties Honda. You will also need an old spoked knock-off wheel from an MGB (or MGA) to obtain the center hub. Check that the splines are serviceable, and clean them thoroughly.

If you give me the above two parts I can have the machining and welding done for $180.00 CAD, or contact Metec Metal Technology yourself at 613-678-3957.

Check the new wheel on both front and back of the car to make sure there is no interference.

Behind The Seat



For day to day use the space caver spare can be stored in the trunk (boot) as usual. When touring, stand it behind one of the seats. For the splined wheel, stand it on a 2" (25 mm) high piece of wood so that the hub, facing the back of the car, is above the back shelf. This will free up the whole of the trunk space for storage. To make it look a little neater make a vinyl pouch for the spare, colour to suit your upholstery.

Driving (I hope you will never have to use it)

This is a temporary spare and should only be used to get to the nearest service center. Drive very slowly [some people say a maximum of 30 MPH (50 KM/H)] and take great care going over bumps as the ground clearance is greatly reduced. If you have to drive a long distance, I would install the space saver spare on the front, as the different size wheels may confuse the differential and cause the spiders to work overtime. If you are collecting a queue of cars behind you, as a courtesy to other drivers, please pull over frequently to allow them to pass.

I would like to acknowledge, with my thanks, the assistance received from:
George Belanger and Mike Trainor of the Montreal MG Car Club and
Christian Wolz and Jonathan Villeneuve of Metec Metal Technology Inc., Vankleek Hill, Ontario.

Safety (In this case) Slow
Bill Crowle, Montreal MG Car Club -- 514 705 5114

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