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Broken Half Shaft
- advice from Jonhn Twist, UML

Craig McAllister in Boise, Idaho, wrote:
"MY '51 TD has broken a rear axle half shaft. Do you have any sage advice or special tricks to remove the broken end of the half shaft that attaches to the differential"?

You'll need a 3/8" rod about four feet long. Hammer or grind the last four inches of this rod flat. The tool you make will be able to enter the diff from the other side (remove the good half shaft first), fit between the axle holding the differential spider gears, and rest against the broken end of the half shaft. Then, strike the rod and the broken part will pop out of the differential. All serious TD/TF campaigners carry this tool along with a complete axle replacement (half shaft/collar/bearing) for just this eventuality.

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