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The MG Service Information - TC
- by The M.G. Car Company Limited

Note: "The M.G. Car Company, Ltd" published 1 set of service bulletins for all makes and models of MG. From this set each dealer (or owner) would reference those bulletins that would be appropriate for each particular model. The following pages are an extract of those Service Information Sheets (bulletins) that are specific to the MG TC only.

  Date   SIS no  Subject Matter       Feb 1937 SIS-42 Valve Rocker Return Springs Mar 1937 SIS-45 Locking Plates For Steering Arm Bolts Apr 1937 SIS-46 Removal Of Sump Aug 1937 SIS-49 Adjustment Of Engine Mounting SIS-59 Lubrication Of The Kingpins SIS-60 Method Of Clamping Rear Hub Ball Race SIS-61 Steering Angles Sep 1938 SIS-64 Front Wheel Toe In May 1947 SIS-67 Speedometer Cables May 1947 SIS-68 Brake Master Cylinders May 1947 SIS-69 Distributors Jul 1947 SIS-70 Oil Base Joints Sep 1947 SIS-73 Front Axle And Steering Dec 1947 SIS-76 Acceleration And Pick-Up Average PDF file = 48-KB Total all PDF files = 0.7-MB

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