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The MG (Series "TD") Service Parts List
Service Parts List MGTD - 2nd edition, June 1958
- by B.M.C. Service Limited

For those people who do not have acess to the official Service Parts List for MG TD, here is a printable copy in PDF format. It is split into eighteen separate files so folks stuck on slow data links don't have to download it all in one bite. You will need PDF reader program such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. Or you can click this link to download the complete book as one 14-MB pdf file.

Introduction                               (0.7-MB)
Numerical Index                            (2.1-MB)
A:  Frame, Suspension, Dampers, Rear Axle,
    Rear Springs, Propshaft, Wheels        (2.0-MB)
B:  Steering Gear, Steering Wheel & Column (0.6-MB)
C:  Radiator, Exhaust, Petrol Tank & Pipes (0.9-MB)
D:  Pedals and Controls                    (1.1-MB)
E:  Brakes, Hydraulic & Mechanical         (0.9-MB)
F:  Engine Mounting, Block, Covers,
    Timing Chain, Pistons, Rods, Crankshaft,
    Flywheel, Camshaft, Head, Rocker Gear,
    Pushrods, Tappets, Manifolds           (2.8-MB)
G:  Engine Oil Sump, Oil Pump & Pipes,
     Water Pump, Fan                       (1.7-MB)
H:  Clutch and Gearbox                     (1.4-MB)
J:  Carburetors, Air Cleaners, Petrol Pump (1.3-MB)
K:  Electrical and Instruments             (1.5-MB)
L:  Bumpers, Wings, Running Boards,
    Front Apron, Rear Valance, Bonnet,
    Spare Wheel Carrier                    (0.9-MB)
M:  Dash, Tunnel, Body, Doors, Seats,
    Fascia, Windscreen, Hood, Side-Curtains,
    Mirror, Floorboards, Carpet            (0.7-MB)
N:  Tool Kit                               (0.2-MB)
P:  Luggage Carrier, Mirror (external),
    Double Spare Wheel Carrier, Competition
    Tyres, Badge Bar, Extra Shock Absorbers,
    Alternative Axle Ratio                 (0.4-MB)
Q:  Supplemental (L.H.D. Export)           (0.4-MB)
R:  MARK II - Supplemental To M.G. Midget
    (Series "td")                          (0.5-MB)

           Total all PDF files = 20.1-MB

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