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With a somewhat somber tone we regret to inform you that nothing done by the MG Rover Car Company has any interest or affect on our friends in North America in 2004. If you may be interested in what they are doing in more than 50 other countries around the world, click on the green logo above and check the archives.

For the past few years there has been a fair amount of noise and sabre rattling from the MG Car Company about concept cars and new models and possible re-entry into the North American market. In 2004 there has been much less of this, and the current attitude is more along the lines of "We can't say it will never happen". Any factory support for the EX-257 MG-Lola LMP-675 race cars has totally vaporized, and these cars are now running under the Lola brand name with no MG badge in site. A recent outreach was to enter an accord with a Chinese auto maker to garner capital backing and a toe hold into the fastest growing car market in the world. In the process it appears they have moved even farther away from any plans for return to the world's largest market in North America.

So for now our North American MG enthusiasts have to console themselves with pre-1980 models, encountering more restoration work as these cars age. Some of this effort is directed to attempting to upgrade and modernize the cars using aftermarket performance parts, but this is a far cry from being able to buy or drive a new MGF or any of the current MG sedans and sport coupes. With a great sigh of depression, about all we can say is, "Maybe next year".

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