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August 2007 - New MGs - Christmas Cracker or Quality Cars? Article from MG Owners' Club.

December 2007 - At years and the new MG factory is now up and running in China, mostly producing copies of the larger prior MG/Rover cars under slightly different model names for the domestic Chinese market. One notable new model is the slightly stretched limousine version of the larger sedan, as chauffer driven cars are popular in China.

The Chinese company is a also producing parts for the prior MG F/TF model, being shipped to the Longbridge plant in England for final assembly of the cars for sale in Europe. At years end production of the cars is on hold pending correction of some quality control problems. The intention is to produce cars that are equal or better quality than the prior British production models.

None of these cars will be available in North America in the foreseeable future, so there is not much else about MGs that would be news worthy enough to bother folks here in 2007.

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