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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Spring Rally Results
by Curt Bork

The Spring Rally was held Sunday May 7th. 11 participants undertook the event and nine finished, with one dropping out due to an odometer malfunction and another due to personal time constraints.

The weather cooperated fairly well--a little misty rain before the event and minor showers during the rally, but nothing severe.

Event Rallymaster, Curt Bork, chose 9 checkpoints, 8 of which were Antique/Collectible stores throughout the NW suburbs and based the rally on lowest milage to visit all checkpoints. Since Curt couldn't determine which route each participant would drive, he missguessed the total milage at about 55 miles. Winner logged 80.95 miles. Highest milage turned in was 94.6 miles.

Each Checkpoint had an MG trivia answer posted, and the driver/navigator had to write a Jeopardy style question, as follows:

  • 1962 through 1967---
    What was the production dates of the MGB Mk I?
  • 1-3-4-2---
    What is the firing order of an MG 4 Cylinder engine?
  • Sept. 24th, 1974---
    What was the introduction date of the "Rubber Bumpered" MGB?
  • Oct. 24, 1980---
    When bid the Abingdon plant close?
  • 101081---
    What was the total production run of MGA's?
  • 14/28---
    What was the model designation for the first "production run" MG's?
  • XPAG---
    What is the engine designation for the MGTD?
  • Black Paint, Silver Stripes, Alloy Wheels---
    What are characteristics of the US spec. MGB LE?
  • 8,999
    What was the total production run of MGC's?

    None of the entrants provided correct questions for all answers.

    Rally standing
    1st Place - Roger and Shirley Goebbert
    2nd Place - Kerry O'Conner/Bill McKay
    3rd Place - Kevin and VickyPalmer
    4th Place - Ed Polonia/Navigator
    5th Place - Tom and Judy Josefek
    6th Place - Geoff and Debbie Morris
    7th Place - Ken Oehler/Jan Napolitone
    8th Place - Parker Whitney/Brian Seguin
    9th Place - Paul and Cindy Urquhart

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