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Flaming Floorboards
And Other Joys of Driving Old Cars
by Steve Tom

Flaming Floorboards 2012, 290 pages, soft bound.
This book was written by Steve Tom, not the actor but a career military man with a PhD in mechanical engineering. Defiantly a Type-A personality. No, not that type. His car in high school was a Model A Ford, then in the 70s he added an MGA when he attended Purdue. Is this why Barney brought this book to my attention? And his love affair with British cars (and others) continues. You would think that PhD would know better. But thankfully love is not rational or an intellectual undertaking. This book is the humorous tale of his cars and the associated characters. Also contains technical advice. Talking about the (lack of) quality of oil seals, “I always suspected this was a deliberate design to help owners maintain their cars. When you back a British car out of the driveway, you should see three spots of oil, one from the engine, one from the transmission, and one from the rear axle. If any one of those spots is missing, you’re probably low on oil”.

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