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101 Brockbank Cartoons
by Russell Brockbank
2008, soft cover, 112 pages.
Brockbank was a professional artist but his real love was in the automobile field. This volume is a collection of some of his work as a cartoonist from the 50s thru 70s. British humor.

1100, 1300 Owner's Workshop Manual
Autopress Ltd, 1974. Hardbound, 177 pages

The 200 MPH Steamroller - Book One: Red Reign
by B.S. Levy
2010, 428 pages, hard bound
The setting is spring 1962. Fairway Motors (Ford) is on a mission to gain international racing fame. They hire Henry Lyons, an American journalist working for Car and Track Magazine (Road and Track?), on the QT to give them insights into the European race teams, particularly Ferrari.

The 200 MPH Steamroller - Book Two: The Italian Job
by B.S. Levy
2015, 542 pages, hard bound
The setting is 1962-3. Harry Fairway (Henry Ford II) is attempting to purchase an Italian car company (Ferrari) to get into international racing. But the Deuce is played like a fiddle by Il Commendatore. Ford comes back in 1966 and Carrol Shelby and Ford soundly kick Ferrari’s behind.

365 Sports Cars You Must Drive
by John Lamm,
2011, 320 pages, color photos, soft-bound
The title says it all. However some of the cars named one would be lucky to see, let alone get the opportunity to drive. When was the last time you saw a Type 64 Porsche or a Jaguar C-Type? Each entry has a brief history of the car, and one or two color photos, and both new and current prices.

A-Antics Tech Tips
by Michigan Chapter NAMGAR
3rd edition, 1991, 245 pages, loose bound
Crammed full of good info for the DIYer. Even if you don’t have an MGA, a lot of this information should carry over to MGBs.

The A-Series Engine - Its First Sixty Years
by Graham Robson
2011, 202 pages, B&W photos, hardbound.

Advertising MG Vol II 1956-1992
by Daniel Young
Softback, 96 pages of print adds covering a multitude of cars.

Against Death and Time
by Brock Yates
2004, softbound, 235 pages.
The book is not gory, but it certainly points out the lack of safety for the drivers and spectators in the post-war era of racing and is a good history of the sport from years gone by.

Anglo-American Cars From the 1930s to the 1970s
by Norm Mort
2009, soft cover, 90 pages, color photos.
It has a Tiger on the cover, red of course. On the inside are plenty of color photos and a page or so of text on various makes, including the Arnolt-MG and the Inskip MG.

The Art of Racing in the Rain
by By Garth Stein
2008, hardbound, 321 pages.
The protagonist of the book is an up and coming driver who has aspirations of driving in the Formula One circus. The narrator of this story is the hero’s dog, Enzo.

ASE Study Guides
by Don Stanford
1954, 182 pages, paperback.
Four Books:
- Manual Drive Trains and Axels, 1998 62 pages
- Suspension and Steering, 1998 62 pages
- Engine Repair, 2003 99 pages
- Electrical and Electronic Systems, 2004 85 pages

Aspects of Abingdon
by Marcham Rhoade (Ken Smith)
1996, small black & white paperback, 90 pages.
The building of the MGB and Midget. How it was done and the men who did it. Every member should have their own copy of this.

By Sallie Stephenson
1991, small, hardbound, color photos, only 48 pages.
Printed in large type for the near sighted or very young.

Automobile Quarterly Vol XX
by John Dugdale
No. 4 (Fourth Quarter, 1982) This issue contains 46 beautiful color pages titled Half A Century of M.G.'s, A Personal Reminiscence

Behind the Wheel, The Great Automobile Aficionados
by Robert Puyal
2010, hardbound, 235 pages, photos
This book is large, with numerous full page photographs. There are eighty brief sketches (dare I say ‘auto’ biographies) of international motoring personalities or aficionados, including Steve McQueen, Henry Ford, Pat Moss, and others. Originally written in French then translated into English.

Benetton, Formula 1 Racing Team
by Alan Henry
Published 1998, softbound, 159 pages, color photos
In 1985 the Benetton family (Italian knitwear clothing) acquired the Toleman F1 team and in ten years brought home the world championship.

BMC ‘A’ Series Tuning Manual
by J.H. Haynes,
circa 1965, 122 pages, paper backs
An older version of the Hayes manuals that we all know and love. Paperback in size, not the current larger format.

British Leyland: Chronical of a Car Crash
Chris Cowan
2012, 195 pages, soft bound
About the collapse of British Leyland. “The focus is on the vehicles produced by the company, but the story refers to the political and economic context of Britain in the seventies”. Maybe it wasn’t completely Triumph’s fault.

Cannonball! - World’s Greatest Outlaw road Race
by Brock Yates
2002, softbound, 281 pages, b&.w and color photos.
The true story behind all five of the coast-to-coast races. Yates writes about each race chronologically with various participants giving their accounts of the event.

Car Guys VS Bean Counters
by Bob Lutz
When Bob Lutz got into the auto business in the early 1960s, CEOs knew that if you captured the public's imagination with innovative car design and top quality craftsmanship, the money would follow. Lutz's common-sense lessons, combined with a generous helping of fascinating anecdotes, will inspire readers in any industry.

Carriages Without Horses, J. Frank Duryea and the Birth of the American Automobile Industry
by Richard P. Scharchburg
1993, hardbound, 26 pages, b&w photos
The Duryea brothers and their automobiles and the beginning of the Duryea Motor Wagon company. The first automobile race in the US (in Chicago, 1895). Victory in the London to Brighton Run in England of 1896. The men who created the greatest American industry.

Classic Motorsports Routes
30 legendary routes you can drive today
by Richard Meaden
2008, hardbound, 200 color and b&w photos, 224 pages
Here are thirty famous auto courses, past and present, which the public can still drive today. Great road races, road circuits, rallies, grand prix, hill climb, and record breaking.

Colour MGB GT Restoration
Practical Classics
Published 1968, 112 pp, soft bound. Much of it applies to non GT also. Stripping, Sill & floorpan removal, Body, Chassis repairs/replacement, Engine Strip down and rebuild, Gearbox overhaul, Reassembly, Electrics, Brake restoration, Getting on the road.

The Complete Official 948cc & 1098cc Sprite/Midget
Robert Bentley, Inc. Automotive Publishers
Including the official drivers handbook and special tuning manual.

The Complete Official MGB, 1962-1974
Robert Bentley, Inc. Automotive Publishers
Comprising the official drivers handbook, workshop manual, special tuning manual. 4th edition, 465 pages. Like the Haynes manual but in great condition. No smudges!

Crap Cars
by Richard Porter
2005, hardbound, 109 pages, color and b&w photos
The author picks 50 of what he feels are some of the worst cars made from the sixties on. With only one or two paragraphs and a couple of pictures for each entry. How many of these cars have you had?

Earning The American Dream
by Gordon Whitby
2009 Hardbound, 8.5" x 11", 340 pages, color/B&W.
A 16-year employee of the Los Angeles BMC distributorship as well as the only American race mechanic for BMC's 1950s record speed runs at Bonneville Salt Flats. Gordon Whitby gives an overview of the motor industry of that era with loads of pictures.

The English Wheel Book
by David L. Anderson
Softbound - 8-1/2"x11" 42p plus 4-drawings
The English Wheel is a very useful tool for forming contoured body panels. This book not only explains how it works and how to use it, but also gives detailed plans to build one from common materials.

Essential MG T Series and Pre-War Midget
by Anders Clausenger
1995, softbound, 80 pages, color, some B&W.

The Fabulous Trashwagon
by B.S.Levy
Published in 2002. Hardbound, 533 pp. The Toronto Star says, "Outrageuos and funny. Levy knows how to put his readers in the shotgun seat."

Fill 'er Up
by Bellamy Partridge
1952, 227 pages, b&w photos. A rare gem. Written in 1952 about what was then the golden days of motoring in the US.

The First Seventy Years
by Mike Hawke
2000, 213 pages, photos and illustrations. The year 2000 was the 70th anniversary of the MG Car Club (England). This book is a history of the club and some of its more prominent members.

Flaming Floorboards - And Other Joys of Driving Old Cars
by Steve Tom
2012, 290 pages, soft bound. Written by a career military man with a PhD in mechanical engineering. His car in high school was a Model A Ford, then in the 70s he added an MGA when he attended Purdue. The humorous tale of his cars and the associated characters. Also contains technical advice.

Flat Out, Flat Broke
by Perry McCarthy
2002, 248 pages, paperback. Top Gear's black suited Stig number one, Perry McCarthy writes about his attempts to get out of the family's North Sea oil rig business and into Formula One without major financial backing. A sometimes humorous look into the busine$$ of professional racing and TV. Foreword by Damon Hill.

Flywheel - Memories Of The Open Road
by Tom Swallow and Arthur Pill
1944-45, hardbound, color drawings. A reproduction of several issues of Flywheel, a handwritten magazine written by (mostly British) members of the Muhlberg Motor Club while being held as POWs at Stalag IVb during WWII.

Garage and Workshop Gear Guide
By Tom Benford
2006, softbound, 192 pages, color photos
Twenty chapters of tools and equipment for your garage workshop, from floor paints to air-conditioning, this book has it covered.

Ghost Tracks
A Historic Look at America’s Lost Road Racing Tracks
by Pete Hylton
2007, softbound, 127 pages, b&w and color photos.
Pete Hylton, archivist and historian for the SCCA, has compiled a series of articles from SportsCar Magazine, about old, but not forgotten, road racing tracks from across the county.

Go Like Hell
Ford, Ferrari, and their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans
by A.J. Baime
2009, 256 pages, some b&w photos, paperback
The story of Ford vs. Ferrari, the Duece vs. Il. Commendatore, Shelby’s hot-rodders vs. Ford’s engineers. This book reads a novel but is all true history. You won’t know the stories behind the story until you read this book. Carroll Shelby: "Next year Ferrari’s ass is mine".

Grand Prix '88
By Stuart Sykes and Roger Moody
148 pgs, appendices, photos
This volume was published by the BBC (with an English slant) to give the reader a history of Gran Prix racing, not by stating racing stats and figures, but in a conversational tone.

Grand Prix Driver by Driver: A Compilation of the Top 100 Grand Prix Drivers
By Liam McCann
2013, 139 pages, photos, hardbound
After starting with a brief history of Gran Prix racing, the author gives us short bios of the top 100 Formula One drivers, from pre-war drivers such as Nuvolari to current stars like Vettle. Listed alphabetically, it’s easy to find your favorite driver.

Grand Prix Greatest Moments by Jon Stroud & Liam McCann
2014, 111pgs, photos, hard bound
Updated version of a book originally published in 2007. It’s small in size, 6x6 inches, but the printing is also small so there is more content than one might think. You can read about some of the most iconic moments in gran Prix history. Some are off the track.

The Grand Prix Saboteurs
by Joe Saward
2006, softbound, 351 pages, b&w photos.
The true story of the 1920s and 30s grand prix drivers who were enlisted by the British to set up resistance organizations behind the German lines during WW2

The Great Horse-less Carriage Race
By Michael Dooling
2002, 32 pages, color illustrations
A nice children’s book about the first U.S. auto race held right here in Chicago. It has very little text but large color illustrations by the author.

Great Marques - MG - donated by Doug Clark

Hemi in the Barn
by Tom Cotter
The second in a series of books about 'barn finds,' including an MGTC and a Group 44 GT6. Jay Leno wrote the foreword, and two of his cars are featured. Cotter's first book in the series, The Cobra in the Barn, is already in our library.

Heritage Motor Centre Catalogue
Heritage Motor Centre
This lovely volume was donated by Roger and Shirley Goebbert when they returned from a Little British Car Company tour in England. It contains many pictures of cars in the museum as well as articles on the history of the British car industry.

History’s Greatest Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed
by Preston Lerner and Matt Stone
2012, 252 pages photos, hardbound.
Did you know that a monkey named Jocko Flocko won as many NASCAR Grand National races as Mario Andretti and Mark Donohue? Or who really won the first Indy 500? And what’s the truth behind Smokey Yunick’s ¾-scale Chevelle or Junior Johnson’s ‘Yellow Banana’ Ford?

How To Be A Good Motorist
by Harold Pemberton
1923, 86 pages, hardbound, 3½ x 5 inch book, a primer for new motorists. The book covers such topics as brakes, skid control, spares including insulating (duct) tape and bailing wire, engine problems (spark or fuel), and female drivers.

How To Build and Power Tune SU Carbs
by Des Hammill
Published 2001, 128 pp, softbound. Detailed practical advice on improving Performance, Handling, Braking, Comfort, Appearance, & Reliability. Checked and approved by the MG Owners Club!

How to Give Your MGB V8 Power
by Roger Williams
1999 edition, 128 pp, softbound. New updated edition with a British perspective. Have fun finding some of those parts in an American junk yard.

How to Improve MGB, MGC, and MGB V8
by Roger Williams
Published 2001, 128 pp, softbound. Detailed practical advice on improving Performance, Handling, Braking, Comfort, Appearance, & Reliability. Checked and approved by the MG Owners Club!

How To Power Tune Midget & Sprite
by Daniel Stapleton
This book is on loan from the library of David Lieb. Published 2000, 160 pp, softbound. Details modifications to the whole car for better performance, handling, and braking. Checked and approved by the MG Owners Club!

How to Weld
From the book cover, 'How to Weld' is both a perfect introduction for beginners and an excellent refresher for veterans. It's a work so comprehensive and so complete that most readers won't need any further instruction­-just practice.

I Just Made The Tea
by Di Spires (with Bernard Ferguson)
In the mid 70’s Di Spires and her husband started in F1, not as mechanics, drivers or owners, but running the ‘hospitality’ for Team Surtees. Her stories of the personalities she met over the years, cover 30 years of hilarious antics and tragic events providing a unique perspective on Formula 1.

Illinois Vehicle Code, 2008 Edition
Published 2008, 613 pp. plus an additional 200 pp. or so of indexes, softbound. Everything you need to know about vehicle laws in Illinois.

Jaguar in America
By John Dugdale
1993, 267 pages, hard bound, photos
John Dugdale his career as an automobile journalist in 1933, then after the war come to America to work for Rootes. In 1994 he started for Jaguar as their West Coast manager, then moved on to become VP in charge of advertising and PR. The book covers Jaguar’s arrival in the U.S. up to the Ford years.

Jim Clark: And his most successful Lotus
The twin biographies of a legendary racing driver and his 1963 World Championship winning Lotus 25 R4
by Eoin Young
58 pages, color and b&w photos, hardbound
Jim Clark dominated Formula 1 during the mid-sixties, as well as winning at Indy and various sporstcar races. This book celebrates the man and his car, the Lotus 25 chassis R4 that won the 1963 championship. Great photographs and a detailed history of the car after it was retired from F1.

Ken Miles
by Art Evans
2004, softbound, 124 pages, B&W photos
Ken Miles, known as ‘Mr. MG’ back in the 50s, winning in an MG special he designed and constructed. A complete chronology from birth to death, and a never-before assembled record on Miles’ races.

The Last Open Road
by B. S. Levy
I think it was printed in 1994 in Oak Park and is about 400 or so pages, sorry, no pictures, it's a novel. If you haven't read this, do, and if you have, do it again! Burt is not paying me to say this. I loved it so much I read it twice. It describes the glory days of American sportscar racing, the early 50's, with a unique first-person approach. Very entertaining.

by Peter Egan
This book is on loan from the library of David Lieb. For those unfamiliar with the works of Peter Egan, allow me to say that he is a native of Wisconsin, heavily infected by the vintage racing bug, the British motorcycle bug, and the British car restoration bug. This book contains many of his writings published in the magazine Cycle World. Not technically British cars, let alone MGs, but worth reading.

Maintaining the Breed
by John Thornley
The Saga of MG Racing Cars. First published in 1950, hardbound, 187 pages, all b&w, this 1990 edition was donated by member John Gordon in 1996.

The Man in the White Suit
by Ben Collins
2010, 323 pages, paperback. Top Gear's white suited Stig number two recounts his life in the military, the 'death' of Stig One, the 'outing' of Michael Schumacher as Stig, and stories of other celebrities appearing on Top Gear.

Manifold Destiny
by Chris Maynard and Bill Scheller
It’s time to bid farewell to the roadside meal as you know it. Learn how to make s’mores in your Scion, poach fish in your Pontiac, even bust out a gourmet snack from under the hood of your Escalade.

Men and Motors of ‘The Austin’
by Barney Sharratt
hardbound, 267 pages, color and b&w photos
History of the Longbridge factory from the inception by Herbert Austin in 1905 through to present ownership by BMW.

The Midwest Motorsport Legend: Meadowdale Raceways
by Phillip A Aleo
hardbound, 200 pages, 9” x 11”, B&W and color photos
A remarkably well-researched work on what was once heralded as the Mecca for sports car fans all over America

MG - A Pictorial History
by John Tipler
all photos (16 in color), new 1996. Even depicts the RV8 and the MGF.

MG - Austin Collision Guide
(Perish the thought!) This is a shop reference that covers 1970-1980, 308 pages, paperback, printed in '83 for Jaguar dealers. Contains numerous diagrams and parts lists for MGB, Midget and Marina.

MG by McComb
by F. Wilson McComb
F. Wilson McComb's definitive(?) history of the M.G. from its debatable roots to its current state.

MG Collection
by Richard Monk
Post War Models, mostly color

MG Gold Portfolio 1929-1939
by R. M. Clarke
Brookland Books, softbound, all b&w, 180 pages, also donated by John Gordon. Interesting reprints of early road tests and significant magazine articles.

The MG Log
by Peter Haining
Sounds boring, doesn't it? On the contrary, this is a fascinating volume with contributions from the big names in MG manufacturing. A celebration of the World's Favorite Sports Car, 1993, hardbound, 176 pages, some unique photos, historical text aided by Cecil Kimber's daughter. Another Gordon donation.

MG, MGB GT 1965 - 1980
Brooksland Books, softbound, 100 pages. Roadtests, driving impressions, new model intros.

MG Midget & Austin Healey Sprite
All Models From 1958 On
by J. H. Haynes
Workshop Manual -- Covers 1958-1974, big, softbound, 207 pages.

MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite Restoration Manual
by Lindsay Porter
An excellent book from the Haynes collection detailing the necessary operations to take a Spridget from truly horrible condition to the joy it was intended to be. No MGBs were injured in the making of this book. Ex Libris David Lieb.

MG Past and Present
by Rivers Fletcher
1985 (first published 1981), hardbound, 250 pages, many photos, historical. Chapter 22 closes with the Metro, Maestro, and Montego proudly carrying on the MG name!

MG Record Breakers from Abingdon, Photo Archive
By Richard L. Knudson
2004, soft cover,126 pages, b&w photos
Photos (and a little text) of MG land speed record holders.

MG Sports Cars
by John Helig
1966 Enthusiast Color Series. 96 pages, all in color, softbound, nice little book.

MG Sports Cars - Fifty Years of the Marque - donated by Doug Clark

MG Sportscars
by Malcom Green
large hardbound, 160 pages, with lots of great pics!

MG T Series Restoration Guide
by Malcom Green
2nd edition, published 2000. Soft cover, 164 pp. New enlarged edition covering all TA, TB, TC, TD, TF, and TF 1500 models. Detailed information on restoring bodywork, chassis, engine, brakes, upholstery and trim, ect. Plus production changes and history.

MG The Book of the Car
by Anders Clausager
large hardbound, 96 pages. Filled with great color photos!

MG: The Sports Car America Loved First
by Richard L. Knudson
Also titled An Illustrated History of MG's in the U.S.A. 1975, large, hardbound, b&w, 243 pages. Lots of racing stuff, but plenty of everything else too. Cute title, but the love is still here.

The MG Story
by Joseph Wherry
"The story of every MG from Old No. 1 to the most modern"

MGA 1500, 1600, Twin Cam
by F. Wilson McComb
1983, small, hardbound. 135 pages, 8 in color. A valuable reference.

MGA, MGB, and MGC, A Collector's Guide
by Graham Robson
Motor Racing Publications, hardbound, 136 pages, 1980...check it out!

MGA Restoration
by Malcolm Green
Detailed information on restoring bodywork, chassis, engine and trim etc., plus production changes, colour schemes and history from the man with the initials of M.G.

MGA - The Complete Story
by David G. Styles
Lavishly illustrated history of the MGA in all of its variations.

MGB & MGC and MGB GT V8 - donated by Doug Clark

MGB and MGB GT Owner's Workshop Manual
by J. H. Haynes
Covers 1962-1974, big, softbound, 259 pages. Don't we all have one of these?

MGB Elecrical Systems (The Essential Manual)
by Rick Astley
Your color illustrated guide to understnding, repairing & improving the MGB's electrical systems & components. Covers all 4-cylinder models.

MGB GT (Brooklands road test) - donated by Doug Clark

MGB Including MGC and MGB GT V8
by David Knowles
Published 2000, 192 pp, hardbound. Yet another quaint and curious volume of long-forgotten lore regarding the MGB and its siblings. A very interesting book with many fascinating details on the development of these cars.

MGB Owner's Survival Manual
by Jim Tyler
1995, small, hardbound, 144 pages. Just added to the club library. Don't leave home without this book! It says that.

MGB Purchase and Restoration Guide
by Lindsay Porter
2012, 89 pages, color and black & white photos, paperback. The birth of the MGB in MG's Abingdon Design & Development Office.

MGB Story
by Don Hayter
2nd edition, 352 pp, hard cover. History, Buying, Specification, Bodywork, Mechanics, Interior, Electrics, Modifications. One of the "Bible" books!

MGB - The Illustrated History
by Jonathan Wood & Lionel Burrell
"This book will appeal to classic car enthusiasts, motoring historians and, of course, MGB owners past, present and future." How can I argue with that? Another loan from David Lieb.

MGB, Tourer and GT Handbook
by British Leyland
Glovebox handbook which contains 74 pages. Softbound 5 _ X 8, For the GHN4&5- Tourer and GHD5&4-GT.

MGB, Tourer, GT and V8 - Up to Sept. 1976 Parts Catalogue
by British Leyland
Softbound, 242 pages. Donated by Just Brits. No smudges yet!

Midget and Sprite Owner's Workshop Manual
by J. H. Haynes
Covers 1958-1980, big, softbound, 242 pages.

Montezuma's Ferrari
by B.S.Levy
This fictional tale picks up where The Last Open Road left off. Hardbound, 395 pages.

Motor Works MG RepairRepairs and Restorations
by Marty Fay, 2013, computer discs, notebook
Marty Fay of Motor Works (DeKalb IL) presented the Club with computer discs copies and a beautiful notebook highlighting examples of his shop’s work. Also includes some winterizing and maintenance tips. (CD Version is also available)

Mr. MG - Biography of John Yates Thornley
by Peter J.H. Thornley
2003, 246 pages, photos, softbound
Every MG person knows (or should know) the name John Thornley. This is his biography written by his son. But it is also an insight into the inner workings of The MG Car Company.

Murray Walker, The Very Last Word
by Christopher Hilton
2002, softbound, 203 pages, some photos
Murray Walker was the voice of Formula One racing on BBC and ITV for years, retiring at the US Grand Prix at Indy in 2001. This book is about his broadcasting career, which was quite colorful.

My Greatest Race
Edited by Adrian Ball
1974, hardbound, 139 pages,b&w photos
Twenty vignettes written by famous race drivers of the past about what they considered to be their greatest race. Stirling Moss, Fangio, Hulme, Stewart; they're all here. Plenty of period photos.

Original MGA
by Anders Ditlev Clausager
Published 2003, 112 pp, softbound. I am sure that you are familiar with the Clausager "Original" series. I found this one at the Midlife Classic Cars booth at British Car Days and knew that Barney would never forgive me if I allowed our library to go another day without this tome.

Original MGB With MGC and MGB GT V8
by Anders Clausager
"The restorer's guide to all roadster & GT models 1962-80"

A Potside Companion
by B.S.Levy
Published 2001, large softbound, 286 pages. By the author of 'The Last Open Road' and 'Montezumas Ferrari'. Collection of gearhead oriented short stories, memoirs, mood enhancers, and motoring disasters from his high octane pen!

Project Phoenix: The Birth of the MGF
by Jan Adcock
1998, large hardbound story about the rebirth of the MG. Contains a lot of info about the early MG years and its developements of many of the models leading up to the MGF. Very interesting!

Quick Reference Guide
(shop manual)
A parts number listing for Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Rover & Austin. Aug. 1983, paperback, 156 pages.

by Richard Williams
1997, 290 pages, hard bound
A book about the men who drive racing cars, and about their place in our lives. It is about how sport reveals character, and how character is sometimes deformed by sport.

Racing Stewart
The Birth of a Grand Prix Team

By Maurice Hamilton and Jon Nicholson
1997, hardbound, 215 pages, B&W and color photos
The birth of a Grand Prix team does not occur every day. Or every season, come to that. Formula One is a desperately difficult business to break into and when new arrivals do appear very few survive the first year.

The Rally Book
by David Hebb
Sofbound, 176 pages. Dated but generic explanations of Rallys.

Rapid Response
by Dr. Stephen Olvey
2011, 202 pages, B&W photos, hardbound.
My inside story as a motor racing life-saver.

The Red Car
by Don Stanford
1954, 182 pages, paperback.
The teenage hero, Hap Adams, without his father’s consent, buys a wrecked MG TC and eventually gets it entered into the newly formed local road race. A nice light book that will take you back to your youth. No pictures.

Restoring Sprites and Midgets
by Grahame Bristow
Published 2002, 210 pp, softbound. Have you ever wondered how to specify a replacement wheel bearing in Africa? Intrigued by the history of Spridget steering? Then this book is for you! All that and much more right here!

Restoring Yesterday's Cars
by Richard L. Knudson
1983, small, hardbound, color and b&w, only 47 pages. You can read this in the loo in just one sitting!

Side Glances, Volume 1
by Peter Egan
The first of three volumes containing Peter Egan's Side Glances articles from Road & Track magazine. This one contains 1983 through 1992. Read it. Loaned by David Lieb.

Side Glances, Volume 2
by Peter Egan
The second of three volumes containing Peter Egan's Side Glances articles from Road & Track magazine. This one contains 1992 through 1997. Read it. Loaned by David Lieb.

Side Glances, Volume 3
by Peter Egan
The first of three volumes containing Peter Egan's Side Glances articles from Road & Track magazine. This one contains 1998 through 2002. Read it. Loaned by David Lieb.

Speed Secrets, Professional Race Driving
by Ross Bentley
MBI Publishing. 1998, softbound, 160 pages. Wanna be a Sterling Moss?

Standard Guide To British Sports Cars
by John Gunnel
A comprehensive guide to some of the most stylish, innovative, and dominating sports cars -- nimble performers that glide down a winding road -- attractive, sporty, and economical -- nearly 300 models total!

The Story Behind the Octagon
by Brian J. Moylan
1995, small, paperback, 96 pages. Good account of life as a MG factory employee.

Strange But True Tales Of Car Collecting
by Keith Martin and Linda Clark (and the editors of SPORTS CAR MARKET)
2013, 252 pages, hardbound. An anthology of short stories by different authors, including Tom Cotter from the Cobra book. But it is a little more diverse than just ‘barn finds’.

SU Carburetors
by Haynes Manuals
Published 1989, 126pages. The Haynes manual covering the H, HD, HS, and HIF Types through 1988. Overhaul, specifications, needle charts, etc. Loaned by David Lieb.

Sunday Driver: The Writer Meets the Road--at 175 MPH
by Brock Yates
Da Capo Press, 2004 - paperback, 251 pages. A Brock Yates tale of his quest to transition from an auto journalist to a Trans-Am driver in the 1970s. Stories of long gone tracks like Riverside and Bridgehampton, and a chapter on the famous Cannonball Run.

Tales From The Toolbox
by Michael Oliver
2009, 172 pages, color an b&w photos. A unique collection of behind -the -scenes stories and anecdotes from former (60s and 70s) grand Prix mechanics. ... mixing with drivers and team bosses , witnessed a side of the sport that is rarely seen, and even less heard about.

The Limit - Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit
by Michael Cannell
285 pages, hard bound
The enthralling story of Phil Hill, a lowly mechanic who would become the first American born driver to win the Grand Prix Championship.

The T Type Restoration Handbook - donated bt Doug Clark

The Technical Sections
by University Motors
Feb 98 edition. Softback, containing multiple sections used during UMC Technical seminars. Has a lot of neat 'fix-it-up' stuff. Many by John Twist!

They started in MGs
by Carl Goodwin
B&W photos, forward by John Fitch. The stories of eighty famous (and not so famous) professional and amateur people from motors sports and how they got their starts in MGs.

Tuning the A-Series Engine
by David Vizard
This book is considered the bible on the A-Series engine as found in the Midget. It is somewhat slanted towards the Mini implementation of the engine, but not to the exclusion of the in-line applications. Valuable information on the engine, carbs, exhaust, etc. From the library of David Lieb.

Tuning SU Carburetors and Fuel Pumps
by G. R. Wade
1981, paperback, 190 pages, all lies. No, really, better than the video, because we can't find the video.

The Unfair Advantage
by Mark Donohue
2000, softbound, 337 pages, color and b&w photos. In The Unfair Advantage, Donohue tells the story of his racing career, from his first street Corvette to the unbeatable Can-Am Porsche 917.

Veteran and Vintage Cars (brass era) - donated by Doug Clark

Vintage American Road Racing Cars

by Harold W. Pace and Mark R. Brinker
2004, hardbound, 304 pages, B&W and color photos
As the title implies, this volume is about road racing cars from the 50s and 60s. Not necessarily American cars, but types that were raced here in the states, including one-off specials.

Vintage Motorsport, The Cam-Am Series
by Pete Lyons, Pete Lyons, 1994
This is not a book, but a set of six editions Vintage Motorsport Magazine covering the entire Can-Am road racing series from the 1960s and 70s, the ultimate racing series ever. A seventh (Nov ’92) issue is also included that has a feature story on Ken Miles and the Flying Shingle (finally something to do with MGs).

Walt Hansgen
Subtitled "His life and the History of Post-War American Road racing".
by Michael Argetsinger
2006, 389 pages, photos, hard bound
A long book covering his career in detail. One of his earliest races was at the 1952 12 hours of Sebring in a TD, finishing 10th overall. He also drove the MG Liquid Suspension Special at the 1964 Indy 500 (DNF) winning Rookie of the Year for his qualifying time. He returned in ’65 with the car and placed 14th.

Welders Handbook
by Matt Stone, Preston Lerner
HP Books, New York, 2007.
A newly-updated, state-of-the-art guide to MIG and TIG arc welding technology. Written by a noted authority in the field.

Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman
by Richard Finch
2009, 176 pages, hardbound, photos.
For all his fame as one of Hollywood’s great actors, a world-class humanitarian, and the proprietor of a natural food empire, the late Paul Newman had another intriguing facet that was less known and perhaps closer to his heart than all the rest of his well-chronicled life. He was an avid, successful and well respected car racer and team owner.

The Works MGs
by Mike Allison and Peter Browning
"This is the authoritative story of all the MGs prepared and entered by the MG Car Company and its successors in international competition from the 1920s to the late 1960s."

You Have Been Warned
Fougasses (Cyril Bird) and McCullough, 1935, 141 pages, hardbound. Fully illustrated with line drawings, this humorous book muses about such pre-World War 2 topics as sharing the road with horses and cyclists, the different definitions of hand signals and even touring.

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