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Racing Stewart
The Birth of a Grand Prix Team

By Maurice Hamilton and Jon Nicholson

1997, hardbound, 215 pages, B&W and color photos

The birth of a Grand Prix team does not occur every day. Or every season, come to that. Formula One is a desperately difficult business to break into and when new arrivals do appear very few survive the first year.
“In 1997, there was a notable exception. Not only did a new team make an impression and gain a foothold, it bore the name of Jackie Stewart, one of the most successful and charismatic drivers in the history of the sport. “ Jackie Stewart, three times a world champion, knew that winning would be out of the question during 1997; survival would be the initial objective.” The book is tells the story of that first year. Beautiful color photography makes this more of a coffee table book than a text.
Note: Stewart Racing not only survived the first year, but in three years rose to become the number four team on the grid before morphing into Jaguar Racing. They are still with us today as Red Bull, the number two team in 2009. A group of us from the Chicagoland MG Club were at Indy to cheer them on (as Jaguar) as they ran the first officially timed laps at the first U.S. Grand Prix held at Indy

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