Chicagoland MG Club Library: The Grand Prix Saboteurs
Murray Walker, The Very Last Word
by Christopher Hilton

2002, softbound, 203 pages, some photos

Murray Walker was the voice of Formula One racing on BBC and ITV for years, retiring at the US Grand Prix at Indy in 2001. We didn’t get to hear him too often on this side of the pond, but we do know him thru his articles in American car magazines. This book is about his broadcasting career, which was quite colorful. He is a mixture of Yogi Berra and Harry Carey. As Jackie Stewart stated, “He has excited radio listeners and television audiences all around the world in a frenzy of enthusiasm. His voice is instantly recognized by millions. His integrity is above reproach even if occasionally some of his facts are … questionable.”

Review by: Wilbur Mannell

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