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Carburetor Swap - March 31, 2001
Changing a single 1-3/4 inch Zenith-Stromberg
to Twin 1-1/2 inch SU's

Streamwood, IL

The object of the day was to change what you see above into what you see below.

Click on small pictures for BIGGER pictures (average 40K)

9:00 AM, and a very nice day to work outside, so lets get this car out in the sun where everyone can crowd around. The crowd is gathering and checking out the patient at hand. This is Terry Gaskin's '76 MGB, the same one we gave the front suspension rebuild last spring. If it looks a little low in the nose, that's because it's now wearing shorter front springs to go with the new sway bar. Today we're going to do something constructive about that single Zenith-Stromberg carburetor. And along comes our noble Tech Coordinator, Steve Merical.

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