Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Terry Gaskin's MGB front suspension rework, May 20, 2000

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MGB  with front on stands 
Good place to start.
Gotta love Terry's color coordinated work cloths.
Time for wrenching
So why does Cowboy get to have all the fun?
Ain't his car.
MGB left suspension, caliper removed 
Remove and hang the brake caliper.
Pulling pin from bearing retainer nut
Remove wheel bearings and brake rotor.
MGB steering arm off. 
Unbolting the steering arm is
easier than disconnecting the tie rod end.
Disconnect kingpin from lever shock arm
Disconnecting top trunnion from shock arm.
Notice floor jack under the spring pan.
Removing coil spring 
Remove floor jack, press down lower arm,
lift out coil spring.
Inner a-arm rubber bushings are shot
Typically shot inner a-arm rubber bushings.
This was only half the problem.

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