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Magazine Articles for MG

Magazine Articles for MG

Here are some historical magazine articles for MG cars. It is a new page in early 2012. Hopefully there will be more to come.

  • MGC -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Dec'77 -(1.8-MB pdf)
  • MG YA-B -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Apr'78 -(0.7-MB pdf)
  • MGC GT -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jul'78 -(0.3-MB pdf)
  • MG Magnette ZA-ZB -Thoroughbred & Classic, Nov'78 -(0.7-MB pdf)
  • Three Musketeers 30's MG works trials cars -T&CC, Jun'79 -(1.3-MB pdf)
  • Classic Choice MGB -Thoroughbred & Classic, Aug'79 -(1.1-MB pdf)
  • Motobuild the MG Specialists -T&CC, Oct'79 -(0.5-MB pdf)
  • 50 Years of MG -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Nov'79 -(0.5-MB pdf)
  • The Mighty Midget -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, May'80 -(1.1-MB pdf)
  • MG TC/D/F -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, May'80 -(1.3-MB pdf)
  • MGC -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Oct'80 -(1.3-MB pdf)
  • 1) Marque Histories of BL Heritage 1895-1983 -T&CC, May'83 -(3.6-MB pdf)
  • 2) Marque Histories of BL Heritage 1895-1983 -T&CC, May'83 -(2.7-MB pdf)
  • Class of 73 MGB-GT-V8 -T&CC, Oct'83 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • British In Belgium MGB Racing -T&CC, May'84 -(0.3-MB pdf)
  • Classic Engines, Rover Alumnum V8 -T&CC, May'84 -(0.9-MB pdf)
  • Trial By MG -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Sep'84 -(0.7-MB pdf)
  • Aston Martin's MG -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Nov'84 -(0.4-MB pdf)
  • Nostalgia Trip MG J2 -T&CC, Nov'84 -(0.4-MB pdf)
  • The Imortal MGB -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jan'85 -(1.1-MB pdf)
  • Unsung Hero MG 18/80 -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Feb'85 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • The A,B-D of Austin engines -T&CC, Feb'85 -(1.5-MB pdf)
  • The End of the Evanses MG C-type, J2, Q-type, R-type, and Magic Magnette -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Sep'85 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • Deja Vu MGBs at Le Mans -T&CC, Sep'85 -(1.5-MB pdf)
  • Double Dutch MGs at Zandvoort -T&CC, Sep'85 -(0.4-MB pdf)
  • MG Colour Suppliment -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, May'86 -(5.2-MB pdf)
  • 25 Years of MGB -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jan'87 -(1.3-MB pdf)
  • Choice, MGB GT -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jan'87 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • MGB In Action -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jan'87 -(0.8-MB pdf)
  • Rare MGB Berlinette -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jan'87 -(0.1-MB pdf)
  • Superlative Sebring Lightweight MGC -T&CC, Apr'87 -(1.1-MB pdf)
  • Record Breaker Concours MGC -T&CC, Nov'87 -(0.9-MB pdf)
  • Time Machine Two MGB -T&CC, Nov'87 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • Plight of the Humble B -T&CC, Nov'87 -(0.6-MB pdf)
  • MGBs Return New Body Shells -T&CC, May'88 -(0.5-MB pdf)
  • The Man Who Made MG Cecil Kimber -T&CC, May'88 -(0.9-MB pdf)
  • First Faringdon MGBs New Body Shell -T&CC, Aug'88 -(0.9-MB pdf)
  • Belgian MGB -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Dec'88 -(0.9-MB pdf)
  • Project Marathon MGB -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jul'89 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • MGC Revisited -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Oct'89 -(1.4-MB pdf)
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